How to send Bulk SMS

Here is how to send bulk SMS from SMS2Profit platform, and I hope this is easier using some picture to pass this message along.

Sending SMS on our platform is very easy and straight forward, because we invested a lot of time considering users experience of our platform, and we continue to improve on our user interface and users experience.

Sending SMS

First you need a login account on our platform, which you can quickly create here or you can just login with your social network account (Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter).

After successful registration and login, you will be allotted two Free SMS units to send free text message with.

  1. Click on the Compose Message icon on your dashboard and you will be directed to the compose message page

    Compose Internet SMS
    Compose Internet SMS
  2. In the first text-box you will find your first name automatically filled in for your as the sender of the message, which you can change to anything you deemed fit, but it mustn’t be more than 11 characters long.

  3. Their is the option of message recipients, enter the message recipients. separate multiple message recipients with space, comma, etc. Just any white space characters and importantly format the recipients with the country code (International charges applies for foreign recipients) and you can pick recipients from your phone-book by just clicking on the my contacts button at the top of the recipients fields. a pop-up modal show up with list of your of phone-book which you can filter by groups. you select the contacts by checking the box next to the contact name. Or select all at the top of the contact list and click on the add at the bottom of the screen that will add selected contact number to the recipients,

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