Wedding Planning and Bulk SMS

Wedding Planning SMS text message
Wedding Planning SMS text message

Planning a wedding is not complete without Guest invitation strategy, the old ways guest are invited to a wedding party through a printed Invitation Card and  which is distributed to guest via various means. This method poses a lot of challenges in terms of cost, stress of distribution, among others. But with the advent of bulk SMS in the country, Text message became a game changer since we can invite more people to the wedding and at a cheaper cost. This post Wedding Planning and Bulk SMS outlines the advantages of text messages to a wedding planner and the various tools available on our platform SMS2Profit that can help with your wedding planning.

As an African Child, Technology is not an alternative to Tradition and Culture, because we still need to respect our tradition as our major value. Bulk SMS does not outshine printed Invitation card, but should be seen as augmenter to the existing method and even more.

Advantages of Bulk SMS to a Wedding Planning

The numerous advantages of bulk Text Message to a wedding planner is not ever rated, here is a list of what bulk text messages can be used for when planning a wedding party:

  • Wedding Announcement or Initial Invitation (3-6Month before the wedding)
  • Reminder or two weeks to the wedding reminder to the guest
  • Venue description or Direction guide SMS (1day to the wedding as an update)
  • Post Wedding Appreciation (This is very important)

Wedding Invitation Message

Choosing your wording for your wedding invitation might be a little bit of task, but we have lots template you can choose from on our sms template engine, and the length is not more than 160 characters that will pass your wedding invitation message concisely, saving you cost as well as passing your message along.

Are you a wedding planner or planning your wedding?

I am very sure you are overwhelm with the planning, instead of thinking how to get thing done you should be thinking of getting things done. You can take advantages of our numerous tools to help get things done quickly, efficiently and easily.

 SMS2Profit has various tools to help get things done and help achieve your efficiency in this area of your plan, from the wedding invitation, wedding auto reminder, to post wedding appreciation.

We provide you with the necessary tools that will help you fetch guest list, manage your guest details, to sending of messages to those guest. Login now to get started planning for the great wedding event. This is also a business opportunity here for event planner, because you will be charging your client for this and of course this will be part of your profit.

You can get started by signinging up now or give us a call (+2348064620491) on how to get started.

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