SMS Long Code Service SMS Short Code Service

Background Information

SMS Long Code Service SMS Short Code Service which should I choose, has been a contemporary first timer question when it comes to two SMS services options selection, this post will explain the details of both technology without all the tech jargon fats and oil. Not only will you have great understanding of how it works, you can make easy decisive decision between the two.

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How to send Bulk SMS

Here is how to send bulk SMS from SMS2Profit platform, and I hope this is easier using some picture to pass this message along.

Sending SMS on our platform is very easy and straight forward, because we invested a lot of time considering users experience of our platform, and we continue to improve on our user interface and users experience.

Sending SMS

First you need a login account on our platform, which you can quickly create here or you can just login with your social network account (Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter).

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