This is a geeky talk, this application was designed and developed with developers in mind. Our Gateway API supports both the GET and the POST request type, Here is how to implement our public SMS API in sending SMS Quickly.

The expected parameters are:
Email: The users email address used to login to the application,
Password: The users password the same login password to the system,
Message: The message to be sent, if you are sending via get GET/POST request please make sure it is urlencoded,
Sender: The message sender which is the name that will appear to recipients of the message,
Recipients: The list of message recipient(s) is expected here. The system will automatically format Local (Nigerian) numbers if it wasn’t formatted.
The response is in JSON (JavaScript Object Format Notation) format, which contains the sent status and the amount of credit used if the message was sent.
The Api URL: https://portal.sms2profit.com/sms-api/?
API Parameters are:
Quick API:


here is a link to our PHP SDK on github